SVG not drawing properly

  • Hello community

    New user here, only been using VS for a few weeks, off and on. I followed the tutorial for manually tracing drawings to create SVG files. I'm using Illustrator CS6, and so far the 5 or 6 SVG's I've made have worked perfectly.

    For my latest one, for some reason, VS only draws three random lines, then plops the rest of the line and colours in one instant. I'm not sure what I did wrong - all the lines are on their own layer, all the colour on the layer below, just like the others. I drew the lines in the order I wanted them to appear.  I have both closed objects and open objects in Illustrator, but this has never seemed to make any difference before. 

    Any help here? I've attached the culprit file here, if anyone would be so kind as to take a quick look and help a newbie out.



  • hi.
    About 3 lines in your SVG are "basic stroked paths" and the rest of them are either paintbrush strokes (which videoscribe treats as filled paths) or else they have been converted to outlines (so they are actually filled paths.) If you zoom in pretty close on the SVG, you can see that the lines that are basic stroked paths (the ones drawing correctly) have a highlighted line with nodes centered along the middle of the path with the stroke all around it... and the "filled paths" or"paintbrush paths" have a highlighted line with nodes around the outside border of the filled paths.

    filled paths are not drawn by videoscribe but simply appear after the basic stroked paths are drawn.

    solution: use a pencil tool or the pen tool to draw basic stroked paths for anything you want videoscribe to draw.

    related link: Making SVGs draw well in videoscribe

    Hope that helps,
    Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Thanks so much Mike, that totally solved it for me. I never did use the paintbrush tool, but I did expand elements after I drew them and filled them in with colour in order to extract the colour onto a different layer. I ended up expanding both fill and stroke, however, ending up with basic paths expanding into filled paths.


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