Retrive a job. Urgent please.

  • Good afernoon, I spent my 7 day trial and I did a very important job but I didn't have time to publish it or save it. It's a work of a subject and I've worked hard... How could recover if only for posting on a site?

  • You would need to publish your work to YouTube, Facebook or PowerPoint during your trial for it to be accessible after your trial had finished. I have given your account a 24 hour trial extension to allow your to do this.

    How to share your scribe - video

  • Good afternoon, I have finished the project but I could not post or transform it into another format such as powerpoint and when I got some minutes the application is stopped. I would like to teach my teacher the work I've done, but I don't know what can I do, I've worked hard and I'm really sorry. 

  • Luz, can you save your file to the online cloud folder and we can take a look and see if we can identify the issue.

  • Now I can not access my account. Already it passed the test time.  Equally, when I had access to my account I tried to save it in the cloud but not let me.

  • Just given you a bit longer again. If you cannot save online can you export it and attach it to this forum?

  • when I click on the cloud, it says: This scribe was not saved online.

  • I think saved it in my cloud

  • I think I have the solution is memory, I have to reduce the elements because it is paralyzed. You would give a little more time to tweak it and see if it becomes format for youtube? Equally I could also save it to the cloud. What could I do?

  • Luz, both the files you have saved to your cloud have failed as I cannot download them so the not saved online message is correct. You can export your scribe file if they will not upload online and then attach it to this forum - Import and export .scribe files

    I'm happy to give you another 24 hours to get that done in.

  • It works?

    what will you do now? you would be transformed into yotube format? It does not charge when I try.

  • Customer support will probably try to publish it to youtube or for you.
    They will also probably try to identify what is causing the problems.

    As I checked each element in the timeline, videoscribe locked up when I got to the second bomb which has a zoom level of 1510%. I would recommend keeping each of your zoom levels under 1000% zoom I usually keep mine between 15% and 500%. Higher levels may cause memory related problems. (everything else before the bomb looked okay to me.)

    You may want to watch the tutorial videos to learn more about setting the camera position if you get a chance. It looked as though there were groups of images that might work better if they shared the same camera position. Possibly you are using the default program-assigned camera position for every element.

    Hope that helps,
    Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Hi Mike , I have removed the second pump that causes the problem of my scribe . I could not raise the scribe on my youtube account because your message I received too late and it was time to go to school and also the processing time is approximately two hours. What I can do?
  • Hopefully a member of customer support will publish your scribe to youtube for you, or possibly extend your free trial a bit longer again.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • I prefer to publish it by the member of customer because maybe the time you give me I will be in classes. Thanks for everything and giving me many possibilities and opportunities and above all for helping me and very friendly. This app is great and I give it a 10 overall for all, the problem was me. 

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