Render Issues

  • Hello

    I am Diksha, me and my team are working on Video Scribe for a project, and we are on a deadline. We are facing problems while rendering

    The problems are as below:

    When we are done with the animation and go for render all we see is that our whole animation is changed, I will focus on this a little more, 

    We are choosing a hand move in option to make our character come in the frame, while in render preview we see a different hand that has not been chosen by us.

    Help us ASAP

    Looking forward for your suggestions.

  • What version(s)  of videoscribe are you using?

    probably the bug and workarounds described in this thread:
    Hands shows when rendered when not using

    you can try the workarounds provided or just try upgrading to the newest version of videoscribe.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


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