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What Song is this

I used this song before but I don't remember its name. This song is one of the videoscribe songs.

Thank You

1) open the scribe project in videoscribe
2) click the music note icon at the top of the screen to see what music track is selected.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


i dont have the project :(, please help me

 what is the name.

Listen to the sample clips of the songs in the music library until you find it.

Keep in mind that some songs have been removed and others added over the years, so it may no longer be available.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


I used this song before but I don't remember its name. This song is one of the videoscribe songs.

Threre are quite a good apps and tools that can easily help you to find out the name of any song or identify the music. Here is the list of such what song is this apps and tools.


Hey, You can find out any songs name with your Device by enabling Voice Recognizer. For example, if you use, ios then, use Siri to do the task, or else if you use Windows then, Cortana will do it for you.

If you were still not satisfied with those predefined ones then, try Shazam It's quite good at the moment. You will find more about this topic on how to find what song is this Article.

I Hope, it is helpful!!

Earlier it was quite difficult to get the most relevant song which is playing but now its quite easy. There are numerous app available in the market right now which will tell you what song is this . I hope this post will help you. Just check this post and you can thank me later. this consists top 10 most advanced apps for detecting your music. 

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To find the name of any song, Shazam is the best app to try. The App has been quite popular among music lovers and has their very solid platform too. They feature songs that have been searched the most number of times.

There are other manual methods too. Like you can use Android voice search or Siri on iOS. If you have windows then Cortana will surely help you. For more details check What song is this article.

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