Tried to upload to

  • LOVE how simple that is w/in the program.

    Big problem though - the scribe I see in the VideoScribe program is not the output on

    Is there something else needed to put the same scribe in both spots?


  • Your problem is probably this known bug:

    Elements seem to be missing or appearing in the wrong locations:

    If you use a "move-in" (or possibly "morph") as your animation type, with a zero second animation time, elements may not appear in the correct location in rendered video. I don't know if it has been explicitly explained anywhere, but my guess is that the elements get stuck at the origin position of the move-in (the starting point from which they are supposed to move in). This means that they are off-camera when it is time for them to appear and they may end up in the path of the camera as it continues to move later in the scribe.

    If any elements have an animation time of zero seconds change the element's animation type from "move-in" to "draw" and/or increase your animation time to some amount of time greater than zero.


    I've added this to my tips and troubleshooting thread:

    TIPS to avoid crashes, freezes, failure to render or erratic behavior (2015)

    -Mike (videoscribe user)
  • (If your problem is something different, please describe it more clearly and save your scribe project to the cloud and tell customer support the name of it so they can take a look at it for you.)

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Mike - that is EXACTLY what has happened. I don't want or need every part of my scribe to be animated, so I figured I found a perfect way around it - just put a 0 second animation. 

    Looks perfect on my screen; uploading was another story.

    I've corrected it by using a .5 second animations on a move in w/ the 'invisible hand' thing. It's the closest I can get to what I was after.

    Which brings up the question.. why offer 0 second if it won't work? 

  • It's a programming bug that seems to have started in about version 2.3.2. It currently just doesn't work right with MOVE-IN. you can use zero seconds if you choose DRAW instead of MOVE IN as your animation type.

    I don't know exactly what is causing the bug, but they are working on a fix I believe.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Good to hear and ty for the replies. Software takes a little getting acclimated to but so far so good other than this hiccup. 

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