No free access to premium images with Sparkle subscription?

  • I just bought the Sparkle subscription for one month and then realized that it does not give free access to the premium images. How can I use the premium images without paying for them individually? Otherwise, the sparkol subscription doesn't mean much to me.

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  • After reading some of the earlier threads, I now understand that there is no way to get free access to the premium images. May I please get a refund? I bought the subscription less than an hour ago. Thank you.

  •  Just in case this affects your decision, here is a link to the features comparison list: compare-videoscribe-licence-features

    if you still want a refund you may want to click MY TICKETS at the top of the page and open a support ticket.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)

  • So the $29 a month gives me the option to BUY the premium images? When I hovered during the free trial the ones with the red ribbon said I needed a subscription so I assumed I would be able to access them with a subscription. Very sad. Will fill out a support ticket for a refund too since all the images I searched for were not free. 

  • copied from an admin post in another thread in case anyone else has this question:


    "The banner you see when clicking on those images during trial (see below) states that you may have to pay for them and you need a subscription to be able buy them. These are images that are not owned by Sparkol but are actually sold by private illustrators through the application which is why we cannot include them in the subscription price. These are called Premium Images and as at free trial we do not have billing information for you these are not available for purchase yet.

    If you are struggling to find something suitable though you may want to try creating your own image as it can be real good fun! We recently realeased another 90 images into the free library as well to fill some gaps and we are always working on new ones."

    -Mike (videoscribe user)

  • Thanks Mike, we actually changed the error a few releases ago as well to make it clearer and remove the word 'may'. Now simply says you need a subscription to buy premium images. 

    The illustrator sets the price on these images and keeps all intellectual property rights to their work and you can find out more about this at

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