Sparkol PRO account

  • how can we get the Sparkol PRO account? :( 

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  • You can buy a subscription from

  • RE: Invoice INV00205622

    My account needs to be refunded $144.00 I did not authorize a renewal. Please have your accounting department contact me at 972.924.1025. 

    Thank you, Melane Woodbury 

    Anna Independent School District

    Anna, TX 75409

  • Hi,
    This is the public forum. you may want to contact customer support directly to discuss your billing question:

    Mike (not a sparkol employee)


  • hey,how can i use a license number provided so that i can upgrade to a pro version


  • If you upgraded to PRO by making a payment on this website, you simply continue to use your same email and password to login to videoscribe and you will find that the pro features are available.

    As far as I know, there is no extra step of getting a code or a license and then "using" it to upgrade. (Maybe customer support will post a comment here if I am incorrect.)

    If someone else created a new PRO account for you to use, you would probably have to login to videoscribe using whatever login information THEY used to make the new account.

    This is the public forum. you may want to contact customer support directly to discuss your billing question: 

    -Mike (not a sparkol employee)


  •  aku gk bisa masuk scribe.. katanya butuh account pro gmna yahh

  • aku gak bisa masuk scribe. you need sparkol pro account. gimana itu?


  • How to switch from trial version to pro latest version after buying videoscribe?

  • Hi,
    Assuming that you have one of the recent versions already installed on your computer, If you have successfully made a payment and upgraded your trial membership to a PRO membership, all you have to do is open videoscribe and login.

    The program will still look the same, but more options will be available, such as rendering options.

    If you have a problem, raise a support ticket

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • my account error

  • my account error

  • If you need help with a problem, please describe the problem completely.

    Provide a screenshot or type the exact error message that you see in videoscribe.

    If you are trying to install and use the free android app, use the ipad or desktop version instead. The android app is not currently supported and it is not currently available for legal download.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • how can I get sparkol pro account?

  • how can I get the Sparkol PRO account for the videoscribe trial version?