Sharing my first Videoscribe @ryandewitt

  • Overall... great! White on blue is apealling.

    Are there "sublixations" and "subluxations" (different spellings)? Because both spellings appear, and I did not hear an explanation of the difference.

    I found the paintbrush distracting, but loved the use of the white pencil and yellow marker.  I'm not sure if a regular pencil, pen or other utensil might be less distracting.  If only there were multiple color pencil options in videoscribe I think it would be perfect.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Thanks Mike,  That's a misspelling, The paintbrush is out of here, I also have the pencil creating a color line at end. Not good. 

    I'll adjust both, I may create the dimmer switch animation in a diff program. 

    I'd like a hand to turn the dials. 

    Really appreciate the feedback. The same above link will be updated.  Vimeo allows you to replace maintaining the same url. 


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