missing video

  • Hi i was wondering if anyone knows how to find a missing scribe. i had to take my laptop back and exchange my laptop for a new one. i saved it online on my old latop but now it wont appear on my new laptop. can anyone please help me

  • Hi,
    If you saved a scribe online (in your cloud folder on sparkols servers) then you just have to log in to the videoscribe program with the same account and open the cloud folder to find it.


    If you are logged into this website with the same accoount, you can click on ACCOUNT at the top of this page and look under the SUMMARY tab to find a link to your scribes saved online.

    However if you were mistaken and you just saved the scribe locally on your old laptop, then that's where it still is, unless someone has erased it.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


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