stuck in Google screen

  • I tried to upload a video to Google+, but got stuck in the inlog screen of google which shows in videoscribe. Closing the program does not work. I tried to close my mac - but the Videoscriba prevents it from closing.....

    Can you help.


  • if videoscribe is freezing up, you should probably save your project to the cloud folder and raise a support ticket

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • I wish I could - the complete program cannot be used anymore. I cannot go back or close it. I even blocks my computer, I tried to close down my computer but Videoscribe prevented this. Now I am waiting for my battery to be empty, hopefully then it will close... otherwise a ticket is the only alternative.

  • You need to apply force quit you mac.

  • wow thanks for this is information . and i hope you can always make new article and me can follow it.

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  • How to force quit mac in a simple way? Are there any shortcuts to do so? Is the app failing to respond to any of the input?  If in that case, you need to forcibly quit the application. 

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