I have been billed a monthly subsctiprion ( the second so far) which I cancelled

  • Since I have just cancelled it, will I be given a refund ?

     OR   will I  be able to use videoscribe  THIS MONTH ?The way I see it, if the cancel will happen for this month, then I want a refund.If not, then I want to use it for this month.

    Please, I answer back as soon as possible.

  • Hi
    this is the members forum.

    click the YOUR TICKETS link at the top of this page and raise a support ticket to contact customer support about billing issues.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • You won't be given a refund if you cancel your subscription - you are cancelling the automatic renewal for the next month. You can use the software up until the date that the next payment would have been due.

  • In this case, thank you very much for the reply.I am more than happy to use it for another month but I really want to make the renewal myself whenever I want to.Bye Matthew!

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