Is there a way to make it like writing Japanese?

  • png形式でアップロードする場合は、周囲のフレームを書き、内側にペイントする順番になります。
  • VideoScribe doesn't currently support Japanese so you'd need to create your text as an SVG image (look to the bottom of the article for instructions).

  • You might want to use the small program I have written. You can find that at:

    see the attached files, one png with the graphics and the one created by pixels2svg

    (21.6 KB)
  • Thanks for being patient with us Otto while we worked through the legal side of software we do not write the code for being linked through our site! As he said it is available from the author’s website here:

    Disclaimer: We like this software, and it has performed well during ordinary use, but we have not undertaken any in-depth testing and we have not checked it for the presence of malware or any potentially harmful behaviour, so you download and use it at your own risk and we do not accept any liability for any loss or damage it may cause.”

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