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  • Hello,

    I have made a video scribe in the free trail. I put a lot of effort in it and I would like to save him to show on my work en use it there.

    Colleages said that you can make a videoscribe in the free trial and that uploading will cost something. The costs of a few euros is not a problem, but I don't get this question.

    I also saw that i can use my free trail for only 4 days! ohhh i hope not that i lose all my work!

    What can I do?!?!


  • The free trial is 7 days long and I think that time starts the first time you login.

    Free trial users can publish videos directly to youtube, facebook, or powerpoint files. Paying users can also render MOV, AVI and WMV files and publish to sho.co for MP4 files.

    The minimum payment for the desktop version of the software is a one month subscription and it is recurring until you cancel.

    On the iPad app I think there is an in-app purchase for rendering a video to your camera roll, maybe your friends were thinking of that.

    If your trial or subscription expires, you can still upgrade your account later to access your saved files.

    -Mike (vidoescribe user)


  • During the free trial you can publish your scribe directly to Facebook and YouTube and you can also publish as a Powerpoint file. You cannot export as a video file during the free trial.

    If you have access to an iOS device you can download the VideoScribe Anywhere app (VSA), save the scribe to your online directory from your desktop and then access your online directory from VSA. 

    You can render the scribe from VSA by purchasing render credits to send it to sho.co or permanently unlock rendering to your camera roll.

    Your free trial lasts for 7 days from the time you first log into VideoScribe. If you would like to use the software after the trial period you can purchase a subscription plan which will upgrade your account, allow you to access VideoScribe and you will be able to carry on where you left off in the free trial.

  • Thanks a lot for the anwers. Than I will purchase videoscribe for a month, but I don't have Visa or PayPal yet. Now I am reassured that my work is saved, also after the 7 days.

  • Yes, the files are stored in the VideoScribe application on your computer. You can access those scribes on that computer any time in the future after upgrading your account by logging into the software.

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