Animation doesn't finish

  • Hey all,

    I looked around to see if this had already been answered but couldn't find anything. My SVG image has a desk and two people behind it. VideoScribe will draw out most of the desk and then has the two people behind it just pop up, instead of drawing them. Doesn't matter if I make the Animation time longer it still does the same thing. I was wondering if there is a reason or a fix for this.



  • Hi
    The parts that are drawing correctly are basic stroked paths in your SVG image made with the pen or pencil tool with no special styles applied.

    The parts that pop up after are either filled paths, or something else that videoscribe handles the same way as filled paths (such as paintbrush strokes, calligraphy strokes etc.)

    if the problem lines are paintbrush strokes or calligraphy strokes, you might be able to open the SVG in inkscape or illustrator select all of the paths and change the stroke type to basic. or you could redraw the SVG using only basic stroked paths with the pen or pencil tool.

    related thread: Making SVG Images Draw Well (2015 update)

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Ahh got it, thank you!

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