How to syc a recorded narration with different scenes in a videoscribe presentation?

  • If I record a three minute narration and import the soundtrack to a scribe, how best to line up the narration with the correct videoscribe content? For example, if I record the story of the three Little Pigs, how do I make sure that the narration for the pig using bricks will play when I want it to play?

  • each element that you add to videoscribe has three time settings that you can adjust:
    1) how long it takes to animate the element (draw, morph or move).
    2) how long the camera will pause before starting to move to the next element.
    3) how long it takes for the camera to finish moving to the next element.

    Use those three time settings to synch any and all elements to the timing of your narration.

    The preview icon in the upper right corner of videoscribe will allow you to preview your project at any time

    Click the INSTANT ANSWERS link at the top of this web page, (or search youtube)  if you want to find tutorial videos that explain how videoscribe works.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


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