Uploaded Non Royalty Music and Cannot Get it to Play..

  • I uploaded nonroyalty music and it there is no sound coming out of my speakers. I went back and tried to play the VideoScribe licensed music and it will not play either. Could you help me trouble shoot why this may be happening? I shut down VideoScribe and restarted and it still will not solve this issue.


  • 1) save your work
    2) close videoscribe again and reopen it
    3) do not open your scribe
    4) create a new blank scribe
    5) do not import your mp3 file
    6) try to preview the music in the videoscribe library

    Does that work?

    7) play an mp3 using whatever audio player you have installed (not videoscribe

    Does that work?

    8) if you have any bluetooth devices, is the audio being redirected to another device?

    9) right-click the volume icon on your taskbar and make sure the correct output device (probably "speakers") is selected

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


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