Videoscribe draws Illustrator svg as shape not as path

  • Hello

    Is I was drawing something with Illustrator, I exported it as an svg file and imported it into videoscribe.

    When Videoscribe is drawing the svg files it is first drawing the outlines of the lines of the svg file and afterwards fills it up with black color.

    It seems that the path in Illustrator is converted into a shape, but I want the svg as a path and not as shapes.

    I watched this tutorial:

    But when I do it as explained, I have the described issue from above.

    I would like to paint the lines as in the video tutorial.

    Any suggestions or help?

    Thanks in advance. :-)

  • I found the solution.
    I thought I was drawing with the basic pen, but I wasn't.
    When I changed to basic and raised the stroke to 3 it was perfectly working with videoscribe.



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