Making SVG Images Draw Well (2017 update)

  • Or use a shape from the shapes Library, set it to silhouette, pick a colour and change the opacity to a level your happy with so you can still see the image underneath... 

    We even have highlighter pens in the hands library you can use and match the colour of

  • i having trouble with my custom image, my friend send me some black and white images drawing using inkscpe, as is, the images works fine in Videoscribe, whenever i apply the colour layer, the outer line and the colour appear simultaneously at the same time. while playing with the layers order sometimes it show the outer line with boundary colour, then the colour pop up at once. i just got tired and tried a-lot of combinations. taking into account that if i draw the image by my self from scratch using illustrator all is working fine. just with that images got from my friend to edit for him. look the attached files 

    (87.4 KB)
  • The issue is the original image has no stokes in it. The black lines are fills and there are a couple of other layers in there as well which are not strokes but are clearly doing something to help VideoScribe draw the image. 

    Without any stroke VideoScribe does it's best to follow the little it does have to draw the image. 

    In the colour image you have added a stroke for the reveal layer. Where there is a stroke present VideoScribe will draw that and nothing else as that's what should be there. 

    So the answer to this is to make sure the original images from your friend are drawn with strokes and not fills

  • ok look at this file, i just used the trick of adding two layers of strokes above the fill layers still getting the same issue even worse, look at the file below, 

    (86.2 KB)
  • the images already drawn, is there anyway to fix that images ?  i don't want to draw 100 image again. 

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