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  • Hi,

    I am new here. I wanted to use the library to add images to the canvas but each time I click on the button "Browse the base library" (the one that looks like a Roman temple) nothing happens even though I am connected to the Internet.

    Does anyone know what I am doing wrong or how this can be fixed?

    Thank you and regards,


  • Maybe this:
    Library images will not preview or load

    -Mike(videoscribe user)


  • Maren, 

    We've had a quick look at this and it appears there is an issue the first time you log-in and load VideoScribe with the folders showing. You can still search though and the images show. So there are 2 workarounds to this at the moment:

    1 - Close VideoScribe and re-open it - All should then be OK

    2 - Use search to find images rather than browsing the folders

    We'll have a look at what might be causing the original loading issue and get a fix out ASAP



    Sparkol Support Team

  • Hey Guys,

    We managed to get a quick fix out to this on Friday evening and have tested it so the folders will now show first time when you download and install VideoScribe. Sorry for the earlier issues



  • I exited the program and re-launched it and I still do not have access to the base library folders. I have been able to get by with randomly selecting words and seeing what images are available but this is taking forever to complete my first scribe as a result. Can you assist?
  • Mariah, I have replied to the support ticket you logged already

  • even i have the same problem.i have raised my ticket 

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