• Hello

    I noticed that many people were asking for help to implement Arabic writing into Videoscribe.

    All your answers were to try using another program and type there, and then later save it as SVG format and then input it into Videoscribe, I really feel that this is a bad answer.
    Don't you feel the weakness of your product that some people cannot use it unless by using another product (wich is not from your company anyways)!!

    To implement the feature of writing in different languages into your GREAT program is not a hard thing to do, people were asking for it for 3 years ago now, and until now u didn't even implement it. 

    I hope that you will hear my voice this time and ask one developer to implement it which will take some hours of work. and to not affect people who are not going to use it, you may implement it as a plugin, that only those who needs it can download it and add it. 


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