How to transfer my old work?

  • HI, 

    so after using your trial, i bought the yearly version of your programme, and i am looking forward to use it :)

    I need to understand however how it works, because it seems like a have to downloads a new version of Sparkol, and then i am afraid that all what i did on the trial version will be lost... is that so??

    Thank you for a quick answer, 


  • Hello,
    You don't have to download a new version. After you upgrade, you will automatically have PRO access the next time you login to the program.

    If you had more than one free trial, be certain that you login with the account that you upgraded.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • So long as you are logging into the software on the same computer that you used during the free trial, all of your scribes will be available in the software after you upgrade your account.

  • Cool, that sounds good... how do i know which account that might be?? :) 

    Because when i go to my trial version now, it still pretty much look like the trial version :) 


  • Whatever login information you used to login to this website when you upgraded your account, use the same login information to login to videoscribe.

    Yes they look pretty much the same, but you can render videos with the pro version, and there are a few other differences.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • See Compare VideoScribe licence features for a list of the differences.

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