Sync my scribes with my Mac and my Ipad

  • Hi

    I use videoscribe on my mac, which is working very well. Now I bought as IPad to work mor mobile. When I want to use the cloud functions, it is not working. I also cannot use the im import an export function. Exp. on the IPad it is not possible. 

    any ideas? 

  • Hi,
    The ipad app does not have an option to import or export .scribe files.

    If you are having trouble with the cloud folder, explain specifically what is going wrong when you try to save or load a file in the cloud folder.  I think you just have to enter your login information when it asks you.

    I would suggest trying it with a small project containing one library image just to be sure it works. If it does not work with a bigger project, there might be a problem with the project.

    -Mike (videsocribe user)


  • Hi Mike

    when I try to open a scribe on my IPad, which was created on my Mac, I get the message "You are using VideoScribe Anywhere. Specific features from cloud scribes my not be supported". Then I got a white screen. 

    The question is, which features are this?



  • VideoScribe Anywhere allows you to add images and text ('Basic' font only), set the draw times for images and text, select their order in the timeline, record a voice-over and render.

    If you make a scribe on the desktop version of VideoScribe and load it on the iPad, all of the information about that scribe remains - such as fonts, images set to Move-in or morph, text effects, hand and pen options, etc. It is just that these features are not available on VSA and so will not be displayed. If you were to render that scribe from the iPad all of the fonts, Move-in images, morph images, text effects, etc would be there on the rendered video.

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