Sparkol support ticket is declines my refund , my payment falls below 14 days

  • Hi, I started yearly sparkol subscription almost 1 year ago. Today I found that it is extended without any notice if I don't cancel it. I came to know when my cc got charged and I received. A message As bellow USD 49 was spent on your Credit Card XX8850 on 14-Jun-17 at SPARKOL. Track spends with Axis Mobile: Kindly make a refund for the same as I don't want to continue for it as the client work is over and if I need in future I will surely come to you but at this time I don't want to continue and , I want to get a refund. Because I haven't received (even logged in) nothing during almost 11 months Awaiting for your timely support and prompt action against unwanted cc charge I.e 49 usd Thank you for support ! Have a nice day. Other money got refunded orlse it's got parted into months and sparkol kept a month fee and refunded , but in my case I m not getting refunded its really kind of inconvience with loyal customer Please provide solution
  • Hi Vinod,

    I've created another support ticket for you so we can discuss this further.

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