pictures disappear when morphing !

  • Hello guys 


    Yesterday I asked a question but I think that no one understood me, I spent all the day trying to resolve it but I didn’t succeed.

    so I saved my project as .scribe file and I attached it here, so if you download it and import it to your videoscribe software maybe you will be able to help me.


    This is the problem.



    in this example I tried to move this person to seem like he is crossing the road and then I moved the car to seem like it is hitting or shocking him, but the problem is when the person is moving the picture of the car disappear

    and when the car is moving the picture of the person disappear also!


    during the period of movement of one I need to still see both of the two pictures.


    by the way when I click on "Preview play the scribe" everything seems Ok, the problem appear only after exporting my project to a video file like you see in YouTube, also I want to notify that My version of videoscribe is 2.3.0 and not the last one 2.3.7

    I deduced that when some picture move all other pictures morphed before disappeared!


    Thanks in advanceimage

  • Maybe a bug in that version of videoscribe.
    You could try just restarting the program but maybe you should just update it.

    I used version 2.3.7 and the video published like this:

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


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