how can I get back my free trial video after payment?

  • how can I get back my free trial video after payment? I need to get the free trial video but I payed later. I cannot export it now :(((

  • Hi,
    if you upgrade your free trial account to a paying account, you will still have access to any projects that you saved during the trial. They will all be exactly where you saved them unless you deleted them.

    If you upgrade a DIFFERENT or NEW  account to a paying account, you will still be able to see any locally saved projects on your computer, but you wont be able to see scribes saved to the cloud under the other account

    if you only published videos and never saved your projects, then there are no projects to recover

    if you are on a different computer, you will not be able to see projects saved on the other computer.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • After the trial I payed and I have saved my projecti now I'm trying to export it but it is not working. it gives error. What should I do now? I need that project as a video file and I'm using windows, should it be avi format? 

  • Still it gives error about internet but my internet is working very well!!! So Did I pay it in vain?

  • If you are having trouble rendering as an AVI or WMV, I would recommend either trying MOV instead or send the scribe to for rendering. is our remote video rendering and hosting service. If you click the 'Share video online' button when you go to render your scribe you will be able to send it to You can mark it as private if you wish so that only you will be able to view it when logged into You can also download an MP4 version of your scribe video after logging into See Render and share scribes for more information.

  • It is already online but i couldnt find how I can transfer it for render to Could you pls direct me?
  • To publish to

    Step 1. Press the ‘publish (render your scribe video)’ button. This is located in the top right hand corner of your screen (A) when your scribe is loaded

    Step 2. Publish to our website with the ‘share video online’ button (C)

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