Editing videos made in earlier versions of Videoscribe

  • Is it possible to edit scribes made a few years ago when I had an earlier version of Videoscribe?  I am having lots of trouble saving a video scribe that I started a few years ago.  I also find that the text in the earlier versions is surrounded by opaque black boxes which make it illegible.  

  • This is happening because the font import system has been updated in a later version of VideoScribe that those scribes were created in. You need to load up the scribe and take a note of all the fonts used on that scribe. You then need to delete those fonts and re-import them in the new version (making sure that all the character sets needed to display the characters in the text elements are imported). The fonts will be imported using the new font import system. You then need to close the scribe without saving and load it again and the text should display normally.


    How to delete fonts from VideoScribe.

    Click ‘Add text to the canvas’

    Click ‘Change or import a new font’

    In the ‘Available fonts’ window click the trash can icon next to the fonts highlighted in blue .

    To add fonts into VideoScribe:

    Select the 'Add text' (T icon) in the toolbarSelect ‘Available fonts’ (F icon)A window will appear to show you all the fonts that are available on your system. Click on a font to import it into VideoScribe.

    VideoScribe will only import supported characters from any font into the program. A list of which characters are supported in VideoScribe can be found here.

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