Update to VideoScribe Version 3.0.3!

  • You can now upgrade to version 3.0.3 of VideoScribe.

    Simply log in to your Sparkol account and click on the Download button.

    Version 3.0.3 includes all the great functionality of version 3.0 - but with the following improvements:

     - Recently Used hands are in the correct order and the selected hand is highlighted

     - The Image Quality settling can be increased to a max of 4000px

     - The Zoom at End setting is available on the Preview screen

     - We have made a number of memory usage improvements

     - We have included a number of bug fixes

    Read the VideoScribe 3.0 release notes to find out what else is in the latest version.

  • How we update? my Videoscribe not working
  • "Simply log in to your Sparkol account and click on the Download button."

    Download and run the installation file on your MAC or PC

    then run videoscribe and login

    (You cannot use videoscribe on android devices. It is no longer supported.)

    If that does not solve your problem, provide more information about your problem.

  • We have some instructions on our help site that cover the upgrade process - Upgrade to the latest version of VideoScribe

  • Good
  • Why ! Not working for android?
  • We do not have an Android version, VideoScribe is a desktop application for Windows and Mac.

  • here is not downloading

  • Hi Manish,

    Are you using the Windows or Mac version of VideoScribe?

  • Please share the link for download this anewest videoscribe app,,,,
  • The latest Windows/Mac versions of VideoScribe can be downloaded from https://www.videoscribe.co/en/download.

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