How are you achieving this with full opacity?

  • In the example file that comes with videoscribe, when I export elements to an SVG and examine how the elements are drawn in, I notice that the opacity is set to 100%, but i can't see the stroke at all. I always have to reduce it to 0% for this effect to work. 

    How are you achieving this with opacity on? And why can't I see the stroked line at all?

    I've attached the svg I'm referring to. 


    (87.5 KB)
  • Hi,
    1) in illustrator, select just one of those transparent paths
    2) in illustrator click window>appearance and view the properties of that path
    3) expand the Stroke properties
    4) it should say "opacity: 0%"

    I don't know why the Transparency window shows 100% instead of 0% but there is probably some logical illustrator explanation.  For example, maybe its because the path fill is set to null with default opacity instead of 0% opacity.

    Hope that helps,
    -Mike (videoscribe user)

  • or it might be clearer to say
    layer opacity=100%
    stroke opacity= 0%
    fill opacity=100% (null color)


  • Interesting, thanks, Mike. I'm sure there's an explanation, but this is good enough for me. Thanks!

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