audio missing

  • Good morning,

    I have an issue with my Scribe. After rendering everything is ok. But when I download the file in Mov. format the first 3 or 4 sec. are missing.

    Is there something i can do? 

  • Here's something I'd suggest:
    Open the mov file in your media player. Pause it. Wait about 10 seconds. Slide the slider back to the beginning of the video and press play. Is the Whole video there?

    Windows 10 media player has a tendency to show a black screen for a few seconds at the beginning of videos. Maybe its a buffering issue because the MOV file is very large. Other video players may have a similar problem with large files.

    You could publish it to and download it from there as an MP4 file which will have a smaller file size.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


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