Subscribe or not?

  • Why do the videos made by Sparkol look so much better than mine (i.e. curved type, etc.)? There aren't many tutorials and I'm not able to figure out the advanced features on my own. I'm trying to decide if I should subscribe, but right now, nothing I've completed looks good, certainly not near good as the company's demos. 

  • You can make pretty good videos if you just learn to use videoscribe with the library images and the fonts on your computer

    You can make better videos if you learn to make your own SVG image and learn  to use videoscribe and the fonts on your computer. Even better if you have a digital tablet  and know how to draw well with it. The more you learn and practice, and the more creative you are, the better your results will become.

    Almost all of the basics are explained in the tutorials on the instant answers page and you can search on youtube too


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