Amharic Font didn't work in video scribe

  • I tried to use videoscribe using Amharic fonts but video scribe doesn't support Amharic fonts.
    is there any way that I can write Amharic fonts in videoscribe ?

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  • You will need to create SVG images of the text you would like to use. This can be done easily in Inkscape (free). The article Scribing Tip – How to get Arabic words to draw well shows you how to do this (the technique will work for any language).

  • can i use adobe illustrator in place of inkscape?

  • You definitely can Elyas! We have another forum post that goes into more specifics about using Illustrator:

  • Did any one figures out how to use Amharic fonts? That's a decisive factor for me to purchase this product 

  • Is there any plan to support these languages?

  • The VideoScribe development team is currently working on a new font system to enable new languages to be supported. 

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