Where are the files on my MacBook

  • I am trying to figure out where the files are being saved on my Mac and I am not finding the answer anywhere here in help. 

  • You can use Finder to search for the "videoscribedesktop" folder. That's where all of the data files are, I believe.

    Your work files there will not be in a format that you can easily recognize, open, or edit directly. You probably should not try to alter them, but you can copy and save the folder for backup purposes if that is your intention.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)

  • Mike, thanks for the suggestion but there is no videoscribedesktop folder that I can find. 

  • Hello Charles, we try to avoid putting the location on public forums. It's not some big secret or conspiracy but as Mike says making changes to this can lead to a lot of hard work being lost very quickly and so we prefer to walk a customer through things in a support ticket and explain the risks rather than just leave the information on a public forum and customers try things and lose work. 

    At a high level though, the local files are saved within your user profile in a folder called VideoScribeDesktop.

    Please be careful though, I would avoid making any changes without speaking to support about what you want to do first or you are very likely to lose files. Raise a support ticket if you need some specific advice and we'll be happy to help.

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