Rendering going for HOURS non stop with zero progress

  • Hi,

    I tried creating a ticket for my problem but its not allowing me.

    I have recently purchased the software and made my first scribe video but its not allowing me to download it. 

    It shows no progress whatsoever and you remain on the same page for hours or even whole day. 

    If you click cancel you will be given two options either to cancel or proceed with rendering, when you click proceed it starts showing progress only to see an error when it reaches the end of the video.

    This is really frustrating. Please help or reply me on my email. 

  • I'll turn this into a support ticket for you now Salman

  • Thank you Barry for replying back. Can you please log into my account and check what's the problem and how to resolve it?

    I will wait for the support ticket for it and hoping a solution today. 

    As much as I was excited before using this software, I am now fully turned off with its final result when it comes to downloading/publishing your work. 

    I mean for a 10 minutes video its okay to wait for 30 minutes or even 1 hour for rendering it but if it's rendering for the last 15 hours or so, this is something not acceptable. And on top of that if you cancel you are back to zero. 

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