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  • Hi I paid 3.99 in the video scribe app to render the video in but all it has done is saved another version of a huge file on my iPhones camera roll - please can you advise how i can publish a video that will not continue to waste money - if it is not possible then the wording on the app needs to be changed.

  • The features comparison does not show as an option for videoscribe anywhere:

    Can you take a screenshot of any message that says you can use on videoscribe anywhere?

    -Mike (videoscribe user)

  • Hi Mike Please see the screenshots attached
  • The 3.99 payment would have been to unlock rendering to your camera roll. You can only render to your camera roll if the camera roll rendering in-app purchase is made. If the scribe has been sent to your camera roll you must have made the purchase to unlock camera roll rendering.

    To render scribes to you need to purchase render credits.

  • I already had tendering credits which is annoying but never mind - thanks for your help - I’ll put it down to experience
  • Tim, So yes looking at your screenshot you have 10 credits available to upload to so clicking the tick should do that for you. To send to camera roll you would click on the red bar along the bottom of that window.

    There are a few In-App purchases that give you different rendering options in VideoScribe Anywhere. The below is taken from

    So Option 1 is local render to camera roll, this will allow you to render as many videos as you like to your device. Options 2-4 are all for online upload to with the more you buy the cheaper per render.

    Hope that helps explain things. If you have made the wrong purchase at any point you can speak to Apple, here's a link to a useful help page on getting an AppStore refund. Unfortunately, we can't refund these type of purchases directly.

  • Thanks - I paid the 99p before the 3.99 assuming that’s what it was but still has nothing in my account on As before think I’ll just put it down to experience
  • Ohhhhhhhhhh.

    It looks like the wording on itunes could really use some clarification.

    I don't think I would be able to guess the specific meanings of the 4 options based on the terms "video saving", "video output" and "videos".

    It might help to specifically identify the destination of the video files:

    1) unlock unlimited video output to your camera roll

    2) purchase 1 credit to output a single video on*

    3) purchase 6 credits to output videos on*

    4) purchase 100 credits to output videos on*

    * is Sparkol's video rendering and video hosting service. You can also download your videos from as mp4 files.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • I agree with you Mike. We will update the wording on the VSA listing page on the iTunes AppStore to make it more clear.

  • When I purchased this app, it was due to unsatisfaction with the service. No where did I see that I would be expected to pay for rendering for this app I know this is the way of the world, but its poor service if now I have to pay so I can render to my pc, you will loose my custom! Just what happened with your full service
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