Animation out of Sync with Audio After Rendering

  • After producing a scribe, I can watch the preview and my narration audio matches up perfectly.

    After rendering, regardless of format, the animations are significantly sped up and therefore are throwing off my audio.

    I do not have any 0 second animations, I do have 0 value transitions though.  I have played around with increasing the pause time which throws my audio off in preview in order to see if it syncs up once rendered but this is very time consuming.

    Can someone tell me why this might be happening?

  • It may be a good idea to upload your project to the cloud folder and raise a support ticket or attach a .scribe file here, if you want specific feedback and help.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)

  • There's some private information for my company in there, so I don't want to make it open to all users.  I'm more than happy to give it to a support tech if they need it though

  • Hi Jordan,

    Open a support ticket, let us know the name of the scribe that you have saved to your online directory for inspection (in the ticket) and we can take a look for you.

  • Another user described a similar problem and reminded of this:

    When I use a fade-in, the fade-in is slower in the preview than in the rendered video. Therefore the element immediately after the fade-in element starts late. I haven't checked to see if the  videoscribe preview may "catch up" to the correct timing one or two elements after the fade-in element.. In any case, SOME, or all, of the timings are probably going to be incorrect after the fade-in.

    I agree that this probably qualifies as a bug and an inconvenience. Maybe users with more powerful computers do not experience this time stretching with fade-ins, but my guess is that most people will see it happening in their work if they are using very precise timings.

    suggested workarounds until the issue is corrected:

    option 1)  when previewing a scribe, play it all the way through the first fade-in element, then stop the preview and start playing again from the next element. continue through the next fade-in, then stop and play from the next element... Repeat until you get to the end.

    option 2) change all of your fade-ins to "draw" in order to get your timings right . Preview the whole scribe, then change them back to fade-ins before rendering.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)

  • Thanks Mike!

    I just went and edited the pauses in some areas and rendered it again and it lined up now.  I raised a support ticket per Matt and we'll see what they say

  • Hi Jordan,

    I have responded to your support ticket with similar suggestions as Mike's. This is an issue our developers are aware of and will be working on a fix for. We have found that the default image quality setting is affecting the speed of Move-in and Fade-in images during preview. The higher the image quality setting the slower it gets.

  • Hello all, just a not to say this was resolved in v3.3 released a few weeks ago. If you are experiencing this issue please update VideoScribe to the latest version.

  • Hi, I have updated to the latest version and still experience the problem of the voice over being out of sync after rendering. (the video is slower) I've never experienced this before. I changed all text items to drawing 0.1 sec without a hand. Should I do the same with images? I only used my own (illustrator svg) drawings. And I have used some logo's that are jpg, but these only appear in the end of the video when the voice over is already out of sync. Please help...

  • This quote from another thread might also be relevant:

    Matthew Cook

    On Tue, 11 Apr, 2017 at 1:11 PM

    I have been doing some research into the possible causes of audio not being in synch with the visuals and the synchronisation being different depending on where you play the scribe from.

    It seems as though the sample rate of the audio file affects synchronisation when playing back in VideoScribe. If the sample rate is below 44100Hz the audio timings can be thrown out of synch with the visuals.

    If an audio file is resampled at 44100Hz and re-added into VideoScribe this can resolve the issue.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)

  • Thank you, but I already checked that. It is 44100. I am not doing anything different than I did in previous scribes. I’ve never had syncing problems before.
  • maybe you should save the problem project online and raise a support ticket . (See matthew's post above for the support link)

    -Mike (videoscribe user)

  • When I preview it's all good but after rendering, my video timing don't match with voiceover. Please help I am tired of rendering same project since last 3 days.
  • Please read the whole thread. Did you upgrade to the newest version of videoscribe? Did you save your project online and raise a support ticket?

  • I have a similar problem. Audio does not sync with video after rendering but it was so precise while previewing. In my case the video is playing slower and I dont think I have not used much of fade-ins but have used some. After reading all the suggestions above shall I gather that changing the fade-ins to draw will solve the problem ? Or is there anything else that I can do ? Thank you.
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