Firstly drawing strokes and later the colored fill

  • Hi there,

    I have a question,I didn't find out in the community yet. If you can share it to me I'd appreciate :) 

    My problem is I have a SVG image made by black strokes andd colored fill. I'd

    like VideoScribe draws FIRSTLY all black strokes and just LATER the fill. I used the tip about makes line with a pen, makes it bigger and then turns it transparent. If I do that the result is not so good, because when the black strokes are drawn, they came out with the edge of the close colored fill. How can avoid this beahavior?

    I hope I was clear.


  • If you have color fills, you do not use the transparent tip for the line art.

    You just draw the line art with the pen tool with no styles or effects or brushes applied

    Use the transparent stroke tip only for the color filled areas. Not the line art.

  • Thanks for replying. Sorry I'm beginner and I'm afraid didn't get. I made an example what I'd like to carry out. I would like to import a SVG image from outside and the hand must draws strokes before and after the fill. Exactly how I get with the VS's images. I attach a project, the first one is VS's image and it is drawn perfectly, the second one is an image I just downoad from web. I'd like the drawing the second figure was like the previous. I hope to get clear. Thanks!

  • Hi Francesco,

    Is it correct that you have imported a bitmap image into your SVG editor and are attempting to add a transparent stroke over the outline of the image for VideoScribe to draw? If that's the case, it doesn't look like the transparent stroke follows the line of the image very precisely. Depending on what SVG editor you are using, it would be easier to use the 'Bezier curve' tool in Inkscape or the Pen or curvature tool in Adobe Illustrator. You need to get the transparent stroke as close to the centre of the image line as possible and expand it so that it just covers the line. If you make it too thick, some of the colour will be revealed as the outline is drawn.

    You could just use the bitmap as a reference to create your SVG. You will find this YouTube video useful. The video shows an older version of VideoScribe but the technique used for creating the SVG is still the same.

    If you want the coloured parts to be drawn, see Fill an image with colour using the hand.

  • Hi Matthew, you got the point.

    I'll try your tip, thanks so far!


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