Morphed image appears all black

  • I am trying to have an image morph into the screen as shown in the tutorial.

    • I duplicated the image and shrank it
    • Then I had the shrunk version fade in
    • Next, I instructed the full-size version to morph in from the shrunk version

    The problem is that as it's morphing I see a black cloud growing, then the image appears at the end. What is the black cloud? I don't think I did anything differently from the instructions given in the tutorial.

  • The black cloud is probably colored or transparent stroked paths. All stroked paths become 100% opaque and black during a morph.

    You should remove the unwanted paths or use SVG images that only contain black stroked paths of 100% opacity .

    -Mike (videoscribe user)

  • I'm not using SVG images (just JPEG and PNG). How are SVG created?

  • i don't think morphing can work with png or jpg images.

    instant answer: create your own SVGs

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