Rendering issue

  • I erased a text using a white doodle image present in video scribe image library. It worked fine in the preview mode. But after rendering what I saw is that the text is written first then its erased but again it appears. Please help me. Its creating a lot of trouble. Thank you
  • You may want to attach the .scribe file and link to a video if you want specific help with that problem.

  • Hello Dev, I have just created a quick scribe replicating those steps and rendered it in v3.2.1 and v3.1.1 as well but this isn't happening for me. Would be great if you can share the scribe file online, let us know what's it's called and the time stamp of where you are seeing this issues. Would also be useful if you would confirm what version of VideoScribe you are using.

  • Respected Videoscribe Authority, I got the solution to my problem. It was occurring due to morphing of 2 images prior to the erasing scene. When I changed that morph to draw everything went fine. Technically it was morphing error. Thank you
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