How to select the "video image" as its icon ?

  • When I generate a video some random imagem from it is selected as its "icon image".

    Can I choose it ?

    How ?

    Thanks !!

  • It depends where you are viewing the video thumbnail (videoscribe is not generating the thumbnail)
    You should google a more specific question to get your answer. For example:

    How to change video thumbnail on iphone:

    How to change video thumbnail on youtube:

    How to change video thumbnail on instagram or facebook:

  • Thanks Mike but I'd like to do it automatically thru VideoScribe video generation. 

    I remember to see that option at VideoScribe, but I should choose one from 3 frames VideoScribe randomly selected.

    I'd like to know if there is a way I could choose a frame from the presentation so VideoScribe automatically created with that thumbnail.

    Thanks !!

  • Hi,

    Videoscribe does not have a feature that let's you choose a thumbnail.

    Videoscribe does not generate three thumbnail options.

    Youtube generates three thumbnail options.

  • Hi, what I did was to render the video scribe video and export as mov file. Then I use a video editor to add my thumbnail pic to the exported video And then the file was really big and can’t email, so I downloaded  Handbrake software and compressed the video file, works wonder for me 

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