Latest videoscribe not working

  • Downloaded the latest videoscribe. 

    Installed it and ran it. 

    First it showed white screen for a long time. check capture.jpg

    after some minutes it showed the login screen... entered the details and clicked login... it showed an error.. check capture2.jpg

    after closing that error alert... the login fields disappeared. check capture3.jpg

    Wasted my time to try new version. You should release stable version, after testing the beta. 

    (41.4 KB)
    (15.2 KB)
    (30 KB)
  • OK.. somehow it ran on my pc.. there are some issues.

    When I am saving the scribe, it is zooming it out to the extend. 

    When I am playing the preview.. it is not stopping after the last object. audio keep running.

    When I click the stop button... it is zooming it out to the extend.

    Why this strange behavior? Are we going to be more productive by this zooming out? I have to zoom in again and again to the camera position. And you put the object's camera position button at a strange place... click on object.. go to camera tab.. then click on view camera. 

    I don't know we are going forward or backward with this update.

    Also importing images otherthan svg.. there is no option for fade in .. in the import dialogue box.

  • to the extent*

  • @Muddassir

    A ticket has been raised for this issue.

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