Frequent crashes, Hanged on MAC System

  • I think new version for mac is unstable, 
    Its keep hanging on following action.

    1. After program is launched and logged in- HANGED
    2. When you attempt to export your scribe file- HANGED
    3. When you click on previously saved project- HANGED
    4. If you just switch between any other program - HANGED
    5. I have resized all my PNG/SVG to not more than 50KB, but still HANGED
    6. While writing this feedback I left program as it is, HANGED
    7. Since morning I have tried every available method from resizing to properly creating SVG, but no success yet. HANGED
    I wanted to check whether am I facing this issue or every other mac user also? 

    my system config is 16 GB ram, i7, mac OS 10.13.6
    I was supposed to deliver this project today and here I am HANGED with troubleshoot. 

    I have attached 2 files created in Adobe Illustrator, sketched out in Photoshop. Please check and let me know If am making any mistake.

    Its weird , never happened before when I used trial version but as soon I purchased to Pro...and downloaded this 3.2 Version....!!
    In my office I bragged about this software as time saver, and here I am ... :(


  • Use previous version, there's nothing wrong with your SVG. I can open and run it normally. Don't use the ver.3.3, it's still buggy. 

  • I agree that it might be a good idea to try an older version of the program, in case the newest version is causing the problems.  Also, you can save a copy of your work to the cloud folder and ask customer support to provide feedback, in case your project building techniques are causing problems.

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