Screen Zoom out after play (RR-1289)

  • Commenting so I'll be notified. I love your software, but have to agree with everyone else... this almost feels "hostile" lol. Please escalate this. Meanwhile I will revert to the earlier version.

  • We are pleased to inform you that we have just released v3.3.2 of VideoScribe. 

    In v3.3.2, when preview mode is exited or a project is saved the canvas view no longer reverts back to your full project. This behaviour now matches the previous versions of VideoScribe while still maintaining all the great new features we had added to the original version of v3.3.


    You can access v3.3.2 of VideoScribe via 

  • Hi - sure doesn't seem to have changed for me.  Downloaded the update, even restarted my computer, didn't change a thing.  Still reverts back to the full project.  Which btw, is really annoying. 

  • note: downloading a file (copying the file to your computer) is not the same as "downloading AND INSTALLING the file". You have to uninstall the old version and then install the new version in order to see any difference.

    -Mike videoscribe user

  • Just updated and the bug is gone :-) 

  • Installed the new version and everything looks good. Thank you.

  • @Christine, checked your account and you are still using v3.3.1. You need to install the update you have downloaded to switch to v3.3.2. Full instructions can be found here -  Download and install VideoScribe – PC 

    Glad we could put this one to bed quickly so you can enjoy the v3.3 updates. Anyone used the colour change feature yet? It's probably my personal favourite of all the features we've added since I've been at Sparkol!

  • All fixed!!  Thank you!

  • Seems fixed. Thank you. But I ended up with an unfixable problem when I tried a few days ago to uninstall the new version... my computer would not let me uninstall. I am the admin. I had Best Buy Geek Squad (maybe the best there is) try for two hours to uninstall. There was literally no way to uninstall the new version, and I could only install the 32 bit version which won't run as fast. I am quite disappointed.

  • Kenneth, something like that we would need to deal with on a ticket rather than a forum on another subject. Feel free to log a ticket and we'll take a closer look for you.

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