Bug - When opening a scribe, some images lose color

  • I've updated my Videoscribe version yesterday to 3.3.1 and I've encountered a major bug. When I open certain scribes, some of the images lose all colours.

    This is a huge problem. Because I don't want to have files, upon files, of SVGs saved on my computer, I group the SVGs into scribes and save those scribes. That saves me time when looking for certain images.

    The images that have been de-coloured, appear to be coloured before opening the scribe. Only once I open the scribe, do they lose their colour. I've saved those non-coloured versions as a different scribe so you can see what it looks like after I open the scribe. Look at the attached file.

    Right now I'm scared to open any other scribes in fear of messing my images up.

    I'd like a downlink of version 3.3 to see if this is a version based bug. Hopefully I won't have to waste time re-colouring everything and saving back-up SVGs on my computer.

    Thank you for answering,


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  • I'll turn this into a support ticket so we can take a closer look.

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