Rendering time is painstakingly slow (problem from 2015 until now, 2020)

  • Hi there,

    I'm sorry for raising this topic (again). But, I pay to have decent service from the software, right? And I think this issue about rendering time is very important.

    I read about other member complaining about rendering time, and it was in 2015. And now, I also experienced it. Wow... Very slow. I have a quad core AMD laptop with 8GB of RAM and 128GB SSD that barely use all of the potential when I'm rendering using VideoScribe. That is an issue for me, because I bought this laptop not for showing off the specifications to all of my friends, but to get money by using it. In my experience, rendering 3 minutes of VideoScribe will takes more than 30 minutes. That is only from one file only. WOW! Can you imagine if I need to work with several projects that need VideoScribe. Should I bought another laptop(s) and subscribe multiple VideoScribe plan to raise my productivity? So after I finished doing the first project, I rendering it, and then I switch to another laptop, doing another project, rendering it and so on. Should I do that?

    If you think my laptop is slow so the rendering time is painstakingly slow, then you should see the CPU and Memory Usage when I rendered using VideoScribe. It almost less than 30% of the resource. I will show you if you need a proof of that. If the cloud is the culprit, maybe you should stop using cloud services and give us the installer version, the executable file like other software and let our computer do the work for us. 

    Now, my question is, can you solve the problem or not? If you can't, maybe I should stop subscribing your service from today. I really like the software though, but this rendering time issue is a serious problem and it is killing my productive time.


    Thank you!

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  • Is there any SPARKOL staff that can answer my questions above or you guys just cowardly ignore my question?

  • Hello Yudhi,

    We have discussed this a lot over time on the original thread you posted on and a lot of the points you raise have already been addressed there when asked by other people - 

    For example we have which will render your project for you so you can start working on the next one. It emails you when the video is ready and you can download a 1080mp4 file once it's completed.

    VideoScribe is a locally installed app and does not render via the cloud (unless you send the project to so it doesn't use your machine) 

    If you have any follow-up questions please can you post on the original question as we try to keep it to one forum per subject so all the information is in one place.