Return Support for Imported Fonts

  • VideoScribe would be much more powerful if we could have the limited Google fonts AND still be able to import custom fonts. The Google fonts available on VideoScribe aren't all that useful for professional looking scribes. Would it be possible to add that feature back in (add custom fonts), even if the other language support isn't available for all custom fonts?

  • Hi Eric, there were a number of issues with fonts in v2-v3.5 which customers had been wanting to see improvements too for quite a while. The main ones were:

    • Language support for Arabic, Chinese, Japanese & Korean
    • Qualty of the text (not HD and could be very fuzzy when zoomed in) 
    • Kerning issues
    • Some fonts with longer tails on y's and j's would get cut off and look poor

    To fix all these issues we had to add some boundaries to the fonts we were going to deal with in order to be able truely test each font and know that what you see is what you get when it comes to all those factors. This why we switched to GoogleFonts and why the initial deployment had 60 of their fonts available, there are plans to add more Google fonts and more languages over time.

    The two text engines are very different though because of all these changes and not something we could run in parrallel, v3.5.2 is still available though so if importing your own fonts is more important to you than the 4 things we have fixed with this switch then you can still use that version of the software. 

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