This Company Is Your Worst NIghtmare

  • 18 hours of animating in 2 days.. I CANNOT SAVE THE SCRIBE LOCALLY. Is there any way to transition the scribe to Youtube without having to save it locally? I do not care to hear any reasons that this could be happening, from the disgustingly long list you guys have considering the amount of work being out forth into the projects. I am NOT re doing ANYTHING from the careful work I have just seemingly wasted away. Again, is there any way I can get this video to Youtube without having to save the file locally? I wish I would have realized this company has had the same issues for the last 5 years, and I would have asked myself what they are still doing here instead of signing up for a monthly payment to a company designed solely to make money, and could absolutely care less about the actual value being brought to their customers. 

  • No, I don't think you can publish an unsaveable project to youtube.

    You can delete a few of the images with largest files sizes, then try to save a partial version of your work.

    You can move your images closer together into a roughly square (1:1 ratio) or rectangular (16:9 ratio) area and then try to save the project.

    If necessary delete more of the largest images until the project can be saved.

    After you save it locally, save it online and raise a ticket to ask customer support for help or export it as a .scribe file, and attach it here.

    After your project is revised, finish it and publish it however you want.

    -Mike (videoscribe user for about 7 years)

  • Are you trying to render or save?

    To upload to YouTube you need to render into a video file and then manually upload to YouTube.

    If you're having issues rendering your scribe, raise a support ticket and the support team can help you out. 

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