API for extra subscription layer: 'unlimited images'

  • Hi there, 

    Although the database with images of VideoScribe Is getting larger with time, it still is not enough.

    And the so called 'premium images' are way too expensive. Instead of the 'premium images' that can be bought one at a time, or the images and packs form SVGStudio (expensive also and a very specific style) I think Sparkol should invest in some API connections to larger icon databases with images and icons. There are services out there with a monthly subscription fee and great images/icons. I use one of them and have to upload these images one at a time (see the other feature request from 2016 (!) about uploading multiple images at once). It would be better if Sparkel arranged some contracts with larger suppliers and users could choose which of these suppliers can add an extra layer of 'unlimited images' to their Sparkol account, directly available through the search function of VideoScribe (via an API). Now that's what I call a Sparkol profit-boosting feature request ;-)

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