Unable to render scribe

  • Hello, 

    I'm having trouble rendering the scribe Perspectives, Values and Assumptions Final. I have downloaded QuickTime player to my Mac (running on latest version of Catalina) which is stored in my Cloud (I do no know why, it appeared that way). When I initiate the render, the prompts tell me the video will be saved to my desktop.  When complete, it is not on my desktop and I cannot find it anywhere on my computer or on QuickTime or in my cloud. A previous film rendered successfully, but since then, I'm stuck. I have more to follow, so not sure where to go from here. Any suggestions? 

  • I believe you may be using v3.6.6 of VideoScribe which did have this problem on macOS. Please upgrade to v3.6.8 which includes a fix for this issue

  • Thanks Barry,

    How do I do this? Is it not automatic? 

    I don't want to lose my scribes (hours and hours of work). 

    Is it possible to log in to my account on another device? I have used my HP desktop before and it worked well. Recently resumed subscription and cannot sign in to desktop, only Mac. 

    Any suggestions for both options?

    1. How to upgrade on Mac

    2.How to reinstate previous app (older subscription) on desktop



  • If I follow the instructions in the thread below, will my work be safe? Should I save elsewhere as a back up, just in case? 


  • Your local projects are saved in a different location to the application itself so you will not overwrite anything when upgrading or downloading the software. All of this information is available in the Installation and Login section of the help site.

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