Cannot login: An unknown error occurred.

  • Getting this "Cannot login: An unknown error occurred." changed password, can access the website and see my info, so the email and the password must be correct, double click the icon on my desk top and include my email and password  and nada

  • I can see you have logged a ticket and are up and running again now

  • Hi my account email is and I got same issue. I need urgent help

  • This error will be seen in 2 situations, both are :

    1. The incorrect credentials have been used to log in to the account multiple time (15+) in a short space of time. The account will be locked for 24 hours for security reasons and you will see this error. Please reset the password via and wait for that lockout to expire.
    2. We have seen some general suspicious login activity and have temporarily limited logins across our network. This will last until the suspicious activity stops.
    Both of these measures are in place for security reasons and to protect our customers accounts and data.

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