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change color of library items

I'm a little confused as to the purpose of the color wheel. On hover it states: "choose the color to draw this element." I added an arrow from the library and tried changing the color of the arrow using this tool but it does nothing but change the color of the tip of the marker. Bug? Operator error?

 Quoting a previous answer by Jon Air:

"The colour of the image will not change on an element unless you change the style to "Outline" or "Solid" - depending on which effect you want.

Note that the pen will only change colour if you are using the default pen."

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Hi Michael, just to add on Mike's comments.

As a Pro user, you can export SVG's from the canvas so you can edit them in third party software such as Adobe illustrator or InkScape.

You can then change the colour of the image using these programs and import the SVG image back in.

Thanks, Joe

I've got a trial account. When I import a color library item the pen draws an outline in black then the full color image appears. When I imported one of my own color (png) images, the pen draws in color, not black. It's set in outline mode and the pen color selection has no effect.

Hi Jay, the images in our library are SVG images which are created in a way that allows VideoScribe to draw them the way you describe.

When you import a Jpeg or PNG, VideoScribe will try and trace the image.
Because the information stored on an SVG file dictates how the image is drawn, they work differently.

You can convert a Jpeg/PNG to SVG  using software such as InkScape and Adobe Illustrator.

This video will help you get started if you want to do this -

Thanks, Joe

hi together - I need help

I would like to change the color of an image out of the sparkle library in inkscape as it is said here and than give it back into VideoScribe

But how do I export the image? I´ve tried it via drag´n drop and apple c/v, but this does´t work. I tried to import it in inkscape itself, but the image can not be found. Both programs can´t see each other. What is the trick? 

kr sue

Hi Susan

To export the image:

-first place it on the canvas

-then right-click and choose 'export to SVG'

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